SWAP: Game influencers flock to flood mitigation

Under the banner of SWAP, game broadcasters raise funds for flood relief (Shape: Betterplace)

Proceeds from the fundraiser flowing from SWAP on July 19-20 will benefit victims of devastating floods in Germany.

When there is a need for men and women, video game operators in Germany are not far behind: Loot for the world and Friendly Fire are just the biggest and most popular campaigns that influencers use to reach for a good cause. In a few years, millions of donations have been collected from their viewers and generous sponsors, which in turn can support associations and non-profit organizations.

Impressed with devastating floods and devastation in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria as a result of the flood disaster, leading Twitch and YouTube stars have come together under the Rewinside Initiative Fundraising campaign for flood relief united. The funds raised are intended to support flood disaster victims and aides in dealing with massive clean-up and reconstruction work.

Under the #swap banner, there will be automatic streams on several Twitch channels on Mondays and tomorrow (July 19 and 20). To this end, the organizers are working hand in hand with the Betterplace platform, which has already run several fundraising campaigns for its part and ensures income is distributed.

In addition to Rewinside, the team PietSmiet, Gnu, Phunkroyal, Tinkerleo, Nancy Wenz, DoktorFroid, Bonjwa, Gronkh and others – the list is growing every hour.

Those who want to join this campaign and make a contribution to their community of all sizes can sign up with a specially crafted Discord chat and find the right overlays, panels and logos. Their Twitch channel.

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If you want to donate directly, you can do so at any time On Betterplace to do.

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