After the return, Housemark is hiring for a “huge” action game on PS5

HousemarkThe PlayStation Studios team is the latest in charge RepatriationNow forming a New game for PS5 Nothing is known about it yet, but at least the group is into the genre that seems most intelligent, namely action.

Some clues about the new plan, though still vague, can be found here Job ads Released by the team, it otherwise hasn't officially revealed anything about what it's been developing since the release of the return in 2021, the same year Sony bought the team.

Two years later, the game also came to PC, where it was as well received by users as the first game was praised by critics, although it did not achieve much sales.

A great action game, obviously

Housemark may have a new game Aim higherThe team describes it as a big, Triple-A actioner.

The size of the studio hasn't expanded much, so it's reasonable to expect production in line with the usual style of the label in question, but there may be surprises on the production front as well.

Among the ads, the team is looking for senior game designers Designing enemies and bosses For “Our Next Big Game,” the candidate should have experience and interest in action games, as well as some familiarity with using the Unreal Engine.

This last detail suggests that the new housemark game might run on Unreal Engine 5, but awaits further confirmation. The studio is one of 15 teams at PlayStation Studios that have yet to announce the game they're working on, so they'll likely have a place at Sony's next presentations as well.

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