Agde: In the Jardins de Brescou, seniors enjoy connected travel

The foundation uses virtual reality to improve the daily lives of residents.

Allowing the elderly to “travel” from their armchair: this is the initiative of the Les Jardins de Brescou Foundation, with the acquisition of virtual reality headsets from local startup FeelU.

A library of destinations available to residents

The purpose of this device? Allow a moment of escapism, encourage appeasement during moments of anxiety, but also allow nursing home staff to take advantage of pseudoscience sessions.

Every week, seniors set out to discover a new place, without logistical constraints. Equipped with their own virtual reality headset, the residents immerse themselves in a world different from the universe that surrounds them on a daily basis. In the program: relax and discover the tourist wonders. This immersion also makes it possible to promote the exchange of experiences among residents and to nurture conversations. “We have also decided to allow our employees to benefit from this activity, confirms Pierre Vivancus, director of the Jardins de Brescou. They can, when they wish, equip themselves with helmets and run away. It’s a way to practice phosphorology and relaxation.”

“A real bridge between the elderly and the Internet generation”

The company FeelU, based in Saint-Martin-de-Londres (34), provides helmets to the lodging, but also provides a travel library to satisfy the tourist desires of the residents. Born from the idea of ​​bringing generations together through digital, FeelU sees in immersive technologies a true bridge between the elderly and the generation of the Internet, as well as an innovative way to preserve cognitive abilities and memoryVirginie Ferrier, founder of the company, explains which is developing this technology at other institutions in the region.

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As for the elderly, Berrett believes that this virtual reality animation “It gives me the opportunity to discover places in France I haven’t been able to go and relax while I’m at home.” Journey 2.0 is gathering more and more followers.

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