Virtual reality should aid in flight training

27. April 2021 10:02

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved a type-specific virtual reality (VR) flight simulator. It is manufactured by the company Dübendorfer VRM Switzerland It was developed for training with the Robinson R22 helicopter. to me Press release It is the first time that a VR flight simulator has been approved by an aviation authority.

After approval is obtained, prospective pilots can count their training hours on the virtual reality simulator in their training. According to VRM Switzerland, flight and other basic maneuvers can be learned with a simulator, for example. However, various emergency measures can also be practiced such as automatic operations with tail rotor and landing failures. The simulator also enables maneuvers that might be too dangerous to be practiced in reality.

In general, the simulator is intended to help increase safety in pilot training. It also allows training sessions regardless of the weather, is inexpensive and protects the environment.

Thanks to EASA certification, customers can now use the simulator without further national classifications, VRM Switzerland wrote in its press release. The company can already have Norwegian Flying Group Helitrans Winning as the first customer. Next, VRM Switzerland wants to get a certified VR simulator for the Airbus H125.

In addition to its engineering office in Dubendorf, VRM Switzerland also has an administrative office in Schaffhausen. ssp

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