Agglo de Narbonne is trialling a portable version of Micro-Folie in three cities

La Micro-Folie offers arts and culture courses that include many activities for children and families. (© GN)

The micro madness he is virtual museum Which brings together hundreds of works of the greatest national institutions! conglomerate community Narbonne (I would like) to try the portable version of Micro-Folie.

three cities

Micro-Folie du Grand Narbonne was installed in April 2019 inside IN’ESS, suspended several times due to the health crisis, and in its mobile version it will meet new audiences in Port La NouvelleAnd Saint Valier And Flory Dood Until December 17.

A digital device designed in La Villette

In fact, in 2019, the Grand Narbonne was chosen by the state to host a micro madnessA digital, cultural and innovative device designed La Villette.

Micro-Folie du Grand Narbonne was set up naturally in IN’ESS, which combined all the reception conditions.

The second community at the national level

La Micro-Folie offers artistic and cultural education courses that include many activities For children and families : educational workshops, game tables, reading room, virtual reality, etc.

Spread nationwide, and especially in priority neighborhoods, each Micro-Folie is different and adapted to the local context in partnership with the community.

In 2021, the Grand Narbonne was the second nationwide community to volunteer to lead mobile version From Micro-Folie.

portable kit

Thus, the mobile toolkit is deployed two to three days a week in several municipalities of the territory, and is intended primarily for the school audience, primary school or college students. Digital Museum Discovery, educational workshops, and Fablab activities are presented during each session.

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Micro-Folie’s first stop took place in sea ​​theater In Port-la-Nouvelle where university students from the city and Sigean were expected.

During Halloween

La Micro-Folie du Grand Narbonne will then be created from November 22 to December 3 in Sainte-Valière and then From 7 to 17 December In Fleury d’Aude to welcome primary school students.

During the Halloween school holidays, Micro-Folie will resume its headquarters in IN’ESS and then in Espace Grand Narbonne Razimbaud, in the city’s political districts. Writing workshops and impromptu tours of the digital museum will be presented by the rapper duo the wolf And Kochi.

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