Iliad wrote on October 21 and how it ended

Iliad customers face many obstacles –

Various interruptions and malfunctions of the telephone connection of all Italian subscribers have been reported.

Iliad Landline: The launch is near
Iliad customers face many obstacles –

A disgrace throughout Italy

The resistance has been reported to have increased Iliad Across the Italian boot. From Milan to Naples, from Turin to Bologna, the French operator’s telephone network did not work until noon on Thursday, October 21, only to return to work after 7 p.m.

Complaints do not take long to come

Iliad users do not hesitate to express all their inconveniences through posts on social networks. Many people can’t even use WiFi at home, yet some people can’t even browse from smartphones.

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What does Iliad say?

The company explained “This is a defamation that affects a few users, in limited areas and is already under surveillance and resolution.”. So this would not be an extended “under” question for Facebook.

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Who can we contact?

To date there is no official application to refer to the Iliad. Therefore, any malfunction or customer information request goes exclusively through social networks and phone.

He tried to reduce spirits by responding to complaints about IliadOfficial Twitter account.

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