Airboats automatic switching on iOS 14 is annoying. Here’s how to turn it off

The Airboat Max comes in five colors. I got the silver.

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After renewal iOS 14 Or MacOS 11 Big Sur You may have enjoyed Airboats Switches roughly between your Apple devices. The new automatic switching feature is thought to make your life easier, but for many – including yours – it can be annoying.

In theory, the new feature will be able to identify in real time what time you want to use your aircraft. For example, if you are streaming music IPhone Start playing your video IPod, Airboats need to switch to your iPod. But really, the feature is somewhat subtle. When I listen to music on my iPod and open it I know that my iPhone is having trouble picking up my Airports connection.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn off the feature. Make sure you follow the steps below on every Apple device that uses your airplane, or at least on devices that do not want your airplane to switch automatically.


You need to repeat these steps on any iPhone or iPad that uses your airplane.

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Turn off automatic switching on iPhone and iPad

With your airplane connected to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings Processor.
2. Tap Bluetooth.
3. Tap the “I” icon next to the name of your aircraft.
4.Scroll down through the options until you find the named option Connect with this iPhone / iPod; Tap it.
5.Select When last connected with this iPhone / iPod Exit the Settings application.


Max also has an option.

Screenshot by Jason Cyprian / CNET

Turn off automatic switching on the Mac

Connect your airplane to your Mac, then follow these steps:

1. Open System Options.
2. Select Bluetooth.
3. Click Options Next to the name of your airboat.
4.Click on the named drop down Connect with this Mac.
5. Select When was last connected to this Mac Then click Done And Close System Options.

If all your Apple devices are automatically switched off, your airports will be connected to the last connected device when you connect them, just as they did before iOS 14. Then if you want to use them you can change them on your Apple devices by selecting them in the AirPlay section of the Control Center.

For more Airports tips, check out these common tricks Airboats and Airboats Pro. We have some too Specific specifications for Airports Pro. For Airboats Max, See our full review.


Airboats, Airboats Pro or Airboats Max all work the same way in automatic switching.

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