Akiha Pop arcade game will arrive in Les Tanneurs in early 2022

After the first arcade in the center of Roubaix, Akiha Pop arrived in Lille, at the Galerie des Tanneurs. The company, founded by Lyonnais Fabrice, Florian and Steve, wants to highlight pop culture, from series to movies and manga.

The idea for a 100% pop culture aisle-and-store project was born two years ago. “It is the fruit of a long journeysays General Manager Florian. We’ve seen a resurgence of interest in arcade and popular culture, a true jaunt to France.He launched the concept of Akiha Pop in March 2021, accompanied by his partners. There his father Fabrice the president of the company and Steve a family friend.

Take a pinch from the Akihabara district of Tokyo, famous for its manga shops, and soak up a swathe of popular culture. Hop, you get an “Akiha Pop”. We already told you about the first room, in Roubaix, in June 2021. The three founders are adopting the same concept at the Galerie des Tanneurs in 2022. To welcome all these beautiful people, There will be 250 to 300 square meters shared between the arcade room and the shop. “It will be a big room with more neon lights, more calm atmosphereFlorian explains.

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The hybrid concept of arcade stations and shop interests many peopleLyonnais confirms. We use the same formula but with some exclusive properties of the night.“For example, it will be possible to test a special machine in virtual reality. The games that are available in VR remain a surprise. We only know thatThere will also be a shooting game. Other than that, you’ll find what makes the essence of Akiha Pop: basketball hoops, air hockey, and more than 25 games available.

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As for the store, products range from an $8 Assassin’s Creed keychain to a $20 Harry Potter umbrella. The big news: partnering with local artists such as Disc’Art to display a bust of Naruto designed by him.

The team also wants to hold some tournaments such as air hockey. “Currently, we are thinking of an event centered around cosplay as well as competitions”, continues the co-founder. Registration will take place via social networks and it will be possible to win derivative products, such as stickers or mugs from the manga “Attack on Titans”. The same for tournaments.

All that remains is to wait a few more weeks before Lil opens…

In the meantime, for more information, go to official sitethe Facebook page and the Instagram page. For those who want to go to the Roubaisienne Hall, go to 21 bis, Grande Rue. For schedules, 12 noon to 7:30 p.m. Monday, 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The place is closed on Sundays.

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