Chromefy: This is how Google’s Chrome OS can be installed on almost any PC – even parallel to Windows


Google has with Chrome OS Not only did it create a new operating system several years ago, but it also launched an entirely new product category of Chromebooks. If you want to give Chrome OS a chance, you don’t have to get your hands on a Chromebook right away: With a set of tools and step-by-step instructions, it’s possible to install Chrome OS on almost any computer and run it parallel to Windows & Co.

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Officially, Google does not offer an option for use on a device other than a Chromebook. CloudReady is there, but it’s more of an offer than a free download. But with just a few tools and official downloads, it’s definitely possible: The Chromefy project has set itself the task of freeing Chrome OS from Chromebooks and Chromebooks tablets and bringing it to many others – something that’s long gone.

A few years ago there were detailed instructions with all the necessary downloads that made this installation possible for many users – and it still works today. At this point, there is only a very short summary, because detailed instructions in short and long versions can be found in the links at the end of the article.

Chrome OS Requirements
A device that can boot from USB
– Free partition of at least 4 GB on the hard disk

Downloads – you need it

Now Chromium OS image with Rufus Or another USB flash tool. Then boot directly from the USB drive.

CAUTION: Read the complete instructions and only perform the described steps if you are confident. We do not take any responsibility for potential problems!

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Enter the following command in the shell after the boot process to prepare for the Chromium OS installation:

sudo / usr / sbin / chromeos-install –dst Your drive (Example: /dev/sda)

The partition size should now be at least 4 GB. Then complete the Chrome installation with the following command:

sudo bash /path/to/ partition your system(EX: /dev/sda3) /path/to/Choosing chromeosbuild.bin / path / to /Carolinebild.Wastebasket

Now power wash to reset and finish:

sudo mkfs.ext4 Section your data(Example: /dev/sda1)

This was really the shortcut to give you an overview of what was needed for the installation. Detailed instructions are available from XDA Developers. If you wish, you can install Windows or Linux in parallel with Chrome OS and use the multiboot, which is a bit more complicated. All instructions can be found at the links below.

Install Chrome OS: Brief instructions | Detailed instructions | Multiple Operating Systems Manual

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