Alan Wake Remastered: Video comparison of Xbox Series X and Xbox 360 versions | Xbox One

Still due October 5, Alan Wake Remastered It was revealed today a little more. Through a comparative video, the game Remedy is talked about before its release. The Xbox 360 version of that time was compared to the remastered Xbox Series X version. It is especially suitable for watching the action performed simultaneously during gameplay as well as on cinematic scenes. The new face of the hero was also highlighted.

Remember that the title will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but also on Xbox Series X | S and PS5 and that it is currently priced at 24.99 euros. civilization.

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The cult classic is back and better! Remastered with all new 4K and 60fps visuals, improved scenes, and improved character models! Alan Wake is back… to rewrite your reality. In this award-winning thriller, troubled author Alan Wake sets out on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice. Alors qu’il découvre les pages d’une histoire d’horreur qu’il est censé avoir écrite, mais dont il n’a aucun souvenir, l’emprise de Wake sur la réalité est menacée alors qu’il découvre affronte Approaching. Horror story come true…

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