Urban buggy between dream and reality

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SAIC Design’s vision for future mobility is centered on the RYZR concept car, a type of 100% electric buggy that offers true human-machine fusion. In fact, the special jacket worn by the driver of a model car is recognized by the latter’s suspended seat and allowed to be operated without the need for a key. The idea behind this is that the pilot should become one with the machine to better control it, like a motorcycle.

“RYZR is an exciting and profound vision for the future of urban travel,” said Carl Gotham, SAIC Design. “By exploring the unconventional, it opens up new transportation for the future, new experiences and new feelings,” he adds. Based on the principle that public transportation alone will not be able to provide travel for everyone in the future, the model car thinks of those who need more innate experiences and, at times, escape away from overcrowded megacities. The RYZR also includes virtual reality technology to better immerse the driver and passenger in a unique atmosphere. Nothing has been specified regarding the technical sheet of this amazing machine.

to summarize

To ensure a deep driving experience by combining the feel of a motorcycle with the stability of a four-wheeler, the RZYR Concept, designed by London-based studio SAIC Design, represents the future of urban mobility. To make the experience as intense as possible, the RZYR, a type of 100% electric buggy, uses virtual reality for the pilot and his passenger. In addition, the car recognizes the jacket worn by the driver to begin with when the latter sits in the suspended seat facing the steering wheel in the form of a video game controller.

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