Albee. Gloose Festival: The game has its festival in Pratgraussals

Hundreds of Games and Games, Dozens of Speakers and Exhibitors: For a weekend getaway, the Gloose Festival will transform the Pratgraussals room into a giant game room.

The weekend will have all kinds of fun activities for young and old alike.
For the eighth edition, Gloose Festival offers gamers and fans a very diverse selection of games, suitable for all tastes, of all ages and levels.

At the origin of this meeting we find Ludothèque la Marelle, founded in Albigeois 40 years ago. La Marelle defends a game that is free and available to everyone. Since its inception by teachers in 1981, it has worked to provide an open and welcoming space. The game has no other profession than developing each one. Regular meetings are organized there for players of all ages.

In this spirit the Gloose Festival was born. “The aim of the festival is simply discovery,” explains Emily, an employee at Ludothèque. “Discovering the game that suits us and also discovering the actors close to us in the game.” Indeed, Gloose Festival shows an amazing diversity in its proposals for toys and games. brings together many partners; Both alpine and surrounding areas. In the two-day program of participation: hundreds of board games with free access, large areas of freedom for children, wooden games, role-playing games, large card games …

Several authors and publishers from all over France will also set up their platform to meet the audience.
Among the novelties of this edition, the virtual reality pavilion made its debut at the festival. Finally, an exchange game is installed. Everyone can bring in toys they no longer use and volunteers will sell them.
Gloose Festival sounds like the promise of a weekend under the sign of laughter and sharing.

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