Alexa, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Amazon Echo

Devices Amazon Echo With Alexa Built-in provides the convenience of using voice commands to start playing your favorite music or broadcast a movie. Using your voice, you can then turn on the lights in the room or set a timer and see the weather for the day.

Most users only use a small portion of Alexa Jobs It often neglects its potential. Here are some tips and tricks for using i Echo devices With Amazon Voice Assistant.

Change the Alexa activation password

Amazon voice assistant wakes up when she hears her name pronounced. When the user says “Alexa“, It will be activated and it will be possible to use voice commands to give instructions to.” Smart speaker.

Not everyone knows that the activation word can be changed, so only the owner can learn how to activate Echo devices via the voice assistant.

To do this, you need to open the Alexa app, tap Settings> Devices> Activation Password And when the LED flashes orange, say the new word that Amazon’s voice assistant should wake up. On the other hand, if you want to disable the activation via the voice commands of the smart speaker, simply press the button with the microphone off.

How to set up short Alexa responses

in some cases Alexa answers From Amazon Echo it can be very rich, approx lengthy. For those who prefer a more concise voice assistant, the mode can be adjusted Short answer.

To do this, enough Open the Alexa appGoing up Settings> Alexa Account> Alexa Voice Answers> Short Answer Mode. Not only does enabling mode involve short answers, but in some cases the voice assistant may respond to user questions by only making a confirmation noise.

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How to set up a routine with Alexa

Amazon Echo

Among the most useful functions of Alexa is for Amazon Echo There is the possibility of establishing routines, that is, repeating some procedures regularly without having to use the appropriate voice command each time.

For example, setting up a morning routine where you just need to say “Good morning, AlexaTo activate reading the latest news, turning on the lights in the kitchen, or playing your favorite music. To set prof style, You have to open a file Settings From Hamburger’s menu of the three horizontal stripes-Select until input Routine> Create a routine> when this happens.

At this point, all that remains is to enter the information at a time when actions must be repeated, or to activate a special voice command.

How to integrate Google or Apple calendars on Alexa

Amazon Echo

Having a smart speaker means having an assistant that reminds us of already set deadlines and commitments. Usually, liabilities are fixed on a smartphone, tablet or PC, using for example i Calendars from Google, Microsoft, or Apple.

The convenient feature of Amazon’s voice assistant is to integrate commitments already saved into those calendars with Alexa, which will be able to access information and set up alert notifications for the user. To do this, you have to do Open the Alexa app And continued Settings> Calendar And access to the service you want to use.

Use Amazon Echo as an Alexa intercom

If the house is sparse Amazon Echo So that you can hear your music everywhere with a simple request from Alexa, not everyone knows that thanks to the Drop In function, these will become practical internal communication devices.

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It will be enough to give names to everyone Smart speaker Then start calling Alexa ‘Make a drop-down call“e Add the device name.

When you receive the call, the LED will turn green and you will be able to call from room to room in your home using the intercom mode.

How to make voice purchases with Alexa

Amazon Echo

Alexa and Echo devices definitely have one thing in common: they log in amazon all’account The preferred method of payment is recorded. Thus, the ecosystem of Amazon devices and services will be easy to access through Alexa and Echo, offering the possibility to do so Audio purchases, That is, by ordering products from e-commerce using your voice.

To activate voice purchases, you need to open the Alexa app, tap Settings> Account Settings> Buy Audio. To prevent anyone from making purchases with voice commands, you can indicate to enter the 4-digit PIN code to confirm the transaction.

How to find a song by singing it to Alexa

when If you have one A song to the headBut you just don’t remember the address, Alexa Come to help.

User will be able to activate Voice assistant And perform Chanting a few verses From the song And Alexa will try to find his address. The result will not always be what you are looking for, but you can definitely get funny answers.

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