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VBA works, among other things, in Excel and is the most popular among spreadsheet programs. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. VBA is an acronym for “Visual Basic for Applications” and it is a programming language. However, it is not only the user that has control over Excel. Other programs in the Microsoft Office suite like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. also understand VBA. Thanks to VBA, you can work faster and run processes inside Microsoft Office automatically.

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Wozu dient VBA in Excel?

You can use VBA for the following purposes: On the one hand, you can automate repetitive business steps. For example, instead of performing the same operation 50 times with data, VBA theoretically enables it with one click. You can create macros, design Excel tools for quotes and invoices, or even use VBA for project management. Finally, and that sounds a little trivial, data, tables, and diagrams can be sent back and forth between Excel and other Office programs.

Excel VBA: Getting Started

To get started with VBA, you should study more in specialist books, online or in educational videos. Here you’ll find some tips for learning about the programming language and taking small first steps. How to search for VBA in Microsoft Excel on PC:

  1. Open one of your tables in Excel.
  2. It is very easy to open the VBA Editor in Excel: just press the keyboard shortcut [Alt] + [F11].
  3. To create a new macro with the VBA Editor, you must create a new module. To do this, click in the menu bar of VBA Editor Insert Then on the cucumber Alone.
  4. Now give orders Outright choice And the Option 1 rule So that you can then include subs and posts in your module. The word “Subs” means programs that do not have a return value, as they only enter commands, while “functions” are programs with a return value, for example to perform mathematical operations and display their results.
  5. Additionally, you can define variables such as integers, strings, or booleans as data records in the VBA Editor. Use the command for this faint [Variable] Such as [Datentyp].

Excel VBA for Mac: First Aid

How to Find VBA Help on Mac:

  1. Click on the tab Developer tools On Visual Basic.
  2. When the tab Developer tools Does not appear, do the following:
  3. Click a file And the Options.
  4. Now click on Tape customization. Check under “Main Tabs” Developer tools.
  5. Click Yeah.
  6. Click the “Visual Basic Editor” menu Help On Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Help.

If you haven’t used Excel VBA Help before, you will be prompted to select which browser you want to view help in. In the browser in the left pane under Excel, expand the Excel VBA reference. Scroll in the right pane to find the concept, procedure, or object you need help with. You can also enter a query in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Microsoft Excel: the # 1 arithmetic program

Microsoft Excel is still considered the most widely used spreadsheet software in the world. The success story began in 1985. In 2021, the software will still be the best in the office for computing, even if there are now many good free alternatives. Microsoft users will find many Excel tips in COMPUTER BILD. For example, you will learn how to freeze a row in Excel. You can find more detailed Excel VBA advice directly at Microsoft.

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