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After opening a window to the future by discussing Continuation and DLC de Astro’s game room, Team Azobi is releasing an important update that brings the bright PS5 exclusive platform to its 1.5 version or, more precisely, Version 1.500.000.

The release of the update is already underway on Sony’s next gen console, and has been noted by the authors who contributed to the development of this project Sony Japan Studio.

Based on the accompanying notes Appendix 1.5 Researchers at this diverse operating system microscope celebrate the history of PlayStation consoles in Astro’s playroom Lots of quotes between God of War and the Untitled They need to find many innovations.

In the list of revisions made by the Azobi team, there is really room for interventions to improve the stability and performance of the title, thus guaranteeing a more in-depth gaming experience. There should be updates as well Fix the most annoying bugs Announced by players including the toughest Issue affecting uploads Title some moments of adventure.

Along with the release of the PlayStation 5 we learned more about this project and showed its potential Controller DualSense, Our advice can only be to stay on the pages Astro’s Game Room Review Signed by Marco Mottura.

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