Digital events and tools for members in accordance with the rules of spacing

What binds the members of Inter Club and Inter Milan has always been a boundless bond overcoming obstacles and distances in the name of love for the colors of the Nerazzurri and respect for the values ​​of society. An example passed on from older people to those who were just born, such as Inter Club El Salvador, which since its founding in 2020 has become part of the Inter family, among the 19 active and official Inter Clubs on the American continent.

During a difficult period, and united the world, Inter Club El Salvador kept its members in touch by planning digital activities and painting the capital in Nerazzurri, distributing tools to members according to all rules of social distancing, such as President Eduardo Antonio. Mejia Cartagena:

“ Inter Club El Salvador was born when 5 young people (Angel, Allen, Ricardo, Marcos and Eduardo) gathered to watch the Inter match; we have planned and organized activities, also through social networks, to attract more members to the club, thanks to the support of IC Guatemala which was established several years ago.

Despite the difficulties, we were able to make the official Inter club in the country available to the Salvadorans, which made our dream come true. Come on Inter! “

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