All websites will be in the mobile index around March / April 2021

It will take several years to build the Google Mobile First index to integrate all the websites known to the search engine. If there is a question for a while about presenting the two indexes (desktop And the Mobile), Google announced the Alignment in the mobile index for September 2020, postponed to March 2021. This information has been confirmed again by John Mueller on TwitterIt, however, does not give an accurate date.

As a Google spokesperson points out, the company does not want to set a specific day for the final switching of websites to the Mobile First index, but it nonetheless confirms the period from March / April 2021. So there is little time left for webmasters to comply with decent mobile phone use.

This is about the goal (posted March 2021, Editor’s Note). We don’t have a specific reason to target a specific deadline, so the remaining sites might be a little scattered in time, some soon, and some a little later.

Google made a List (in English) of points to check for suggesting a passage for mobile phones high quality. Among them, we can note that it is desirable to provide Lazy load For media (photos, videos, etc.), to ensure that the content displayed is the same on the computer and on the mobile phone, or that the images are in the correct size and provide an enhanced ALT feature (mandatory in the W3C Principles and for Accessibility).

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