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Another message on WhatsApp for the security of all your data. Now you can send this request directly to the application.

All messages to protect your privacy (via screenshot)

Continue to clarify TrFunctionality of your important WhatsApp data, The most popular messaging application in the world. In fact, over the past month, we have seen how the instant messaging company has engaged itself To clarify In much debate New Terms of Service. Now there is a great news, with the request that you can send directly to the application. In fact, with a few steps you can understand what your data WhatsApp is using.

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In this connection, The In GDP, I.e. Public Data Protection Regulation The first is in practice Almost three years in Europe now. In fact it is the duty of each site to provide a copy of the information about the user. This allows the user to retrieve all his or her data within a request within the application. So let’s see how to find all the data related to this Your account.

WhatsApp, Extra Clarity on Data Used: How to Apply

WhatsApp data
How to request your data (via screenshot)

To make the most requested request for WhatsApp you need to open the app, go to “Settings” and click on “Account”. You must select “Open Accounts”Request account information“There will be a joke in front of us at this point:”Create an information report And the settings of your WhatsApp account that you can access or send in another application“Information is not sent via chat.

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Once this level is reached, all you have to do is press “Request Statement”. Once this request is completed, you will have to wait three days to receive the full report. When the request is complete, it will be WhatsApp itself to send you a notification It says: “Relationship with your account information Available now“In addition, the application will give you several weeks to complete the document download.

All data related to WhatsApp and your account is available in this document. The application will send you a document .Chip format. Be inside of it Open HTML file a The default browser is e Jason For relocation to other services. Once you have consulted the document, you can delete it permanently by clicking “Delete Report” Data sent by WhatsApp.

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