All you need in the future is your cell phone

So-called electronic proof of identity has been available for a long time. All you need is an ID with the function of an eID, an eID card or an electronic residence permit. But the system is not completely easy to use, which is why it is currently used by relatively few citizens. For this very reason, the federal government has now passed a bill that turns a smartphone into an ID card.

Mobile phone as an ID card

According to the planned change in the law, citizens should soon be able to familiarize themselves with their smartphones – both to the state and to private sector partners. In a press release, the federal government cited a new car registration or change of title as examples of potential uses. The ID must be designed so that it is easy to use and takes only half the time required to prove the electronic identity with the ID card. But there are also two major drawbacks: first of all, according to information from Hot More than 19 million euros – plus operating costs of 26 million euros per year.

There is also an aspect of internet security. Even the precautionary measures taken by banks and online retailers haven’t completely prevented fraudsters from accessing their victims’ access data using malware and social engineering, for example. The same can now be done with a smartphone ID card; Keyword: identity theft. Especially since, as far as we know today, users only need a six-digit personal identification number in addition to a mobile phone.

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How do things go from here?

Next, the bill is presented to the Bundestag for a vote. If this is hinted, citizens can use their mobile phones for identification as early as September 2021.

The change in the law can be reduced to what is called Online Access Act (OZG) Returns. This requires the federal and state governments to make their administration services digitally available to companies and citizens by the end of 2022. According to the federal government, identifying applicants is an important component.

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