Circassian Yuan Bourgeois refutes suspicions of plagiarism

Posted on Saturday February 13, 2021 at 8:39 pm.

On Saturday, famous circus artist Yuan Bourgeois denied suspicions of plagiarism after an anonymous video clip showed similarities between more than a dozen small excerpts from his shows and those of other artists.

The video, which aired a week ago on Vimeo, titled “Business Use”, is a montage that displays, superimposed, excerpts from more or less than one minute of Mr. Bourgeois’s main performances such as “He Who Falls” or “The Art of Fugue” with Excerpts from other artists.

Each time the videos show important similarities in shapes or staging devices.

“I categorically refute my suspicions of plagiarism,” said a circus artist known for his acrobatic performance and co-director of the National Center for Dance in Grenoble. “These are not quotes or even tributes, I am involved in creating original works.” .

The video, he says, “is a compilation of short parts that feel manipulative and very violent; I was so hurt that way.”

According to him, “It is not about similarity between works but between devices or pieces of devices whose staging stages differ, and which never reveal the unique quality of writing.”

“There are close or distant relatives among the Circassian artists,” he said.

On Facebook, one of the artists involved, Chloé Moglia, claims to have been “taken over” when in 2014 she saw a series of Yoann Bourgeois’s “Midnight” series which closely resembles a sequence from his own show “In Suspension,” while not “not being charged.” The artist plagiarized.

Yuan Bourgeois also assured that “anonymous defamatory emails” have been sent to every member of my team with this video, ”and that“ anonymous emails request invitations for contributions to companies. ”And he said,“ At the same time, I saw my Wikipedia page transformed, And reuse my old website domain from my company that bears my name. “

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