Allianz France launches new mobile device to manage cold claims

Severe snowstorms in 2022 caused more than 25,000 vehicle damage Allianz FranceTo respond to this situation, Allianz France offers the “Cold Solution” included in its all-risk motor contract. This device has been developed in partnership with CapsAuto And People's Democracy Teamaims to improve the management of automobile losses caused by hail.

Support adapts to cold-related damage.

Allianz France offers two options for repairing damaged vehicles:

  • Repair in an authorized garage: Vehicles are cared for by CapsAuto in partner garages.

  • Paintless Dent Repair in a Mobile Plant: In the event of heavy hail, a mobile dent repair plant is deployed. This mobile unit includes an expertise area, a repair area and service parking.

The mobile plant is equipped with the Colibri Bridge, a scanner that uses artificial intelligence to identify and assess damage in real time. In 2022 and 2023, 74 mobile dental restoration plants will be installed in France.

Hummingbird Bridge:

Claims Management Process

Allianz France implements a structured customer journey to manage cold claims:

  • Preventive Alert: Prior to the event, customers in at-risk areas receive alerts via email and SMS, including preventive advice.

  • Post-Disaster Assistance: After a disaster, customers receive email instructions to report the disaster. Those in areas where a mobile plant is located are contacted to arrange expertise and repair.

During the repair process, customers benefit from a free courtesy car. This solution allows for a faster damage assessment process without upfront costs.

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