The TV remote control has a secret function that no one knows about – it's pretty cool

Your TV's remote control has a secret function that's truly amazing: no one knows what it's for.

In recent years, technology has definitely turned our lives upside down: more and more people are now investing their savings to buy the latest generation devices. With so many screens inside the home: between PCs, smartphones, tablets and televisions, it's getting harder to do the math. Among the most interesting technological innovations, It is almost impossible not to mention smart TVs. These powerful televisions have the ability to connect to the Internet and therefore take advantage of the functionality of various applications.

According to a 2023 report, Italians have an average of 5 screens at home. With 50-inch TVs purchased at Bell Buys, the number continues to grow. It is now possible to download modern applications such as YouTube or Spotify to your television, allowing you to watch videos and listen to streaming music very easily. A very important tool Using the TV is a remote control: You can change channels, turn volume down or up, mute and unmute the device with this device. However, there is a hidden function that is really useful, but not used by many people.

The TV remote has a secret function – it's cool, what's it for?

Use TV Remote Control –

The remote control for your television definitely has a series of buttons and symbols that have a specific purpose. However, some keys have points that can be felt by touch. Even if you touch them with your fingers, you will definitely “feel” them without much effort. These particles are formed Help the blind and visually impaired change channels or make better use of this tool. Dots, in any case, are very useful even for people without vision problems: in low light conditions, for example, it is possible to understand where certain keys are located by “dots”.

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Then there are other signs that guide the touch: where the button to turn the TV on or off is, of course, there is a small relief that “draws” the letter P (which represents power). Where the buttons for lowering or raising the volume are located, the relief in this case represents the letter “V”. As for the button to move the channels, instead you can see the relief of the letter C (which indicates the channel). Tactile guides, In fact, they are present not only in remote controls for televisions but also in other devices such as computers. For example, on the keyboard of modern computers, the guides are under the letters “F” and “J”, which are easy to perceive, because they are not negligible reliefs that allow orientation when it is very dark (Here we show you how to watch TV even if you don't have an antenna).

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