Amazon Blink Video Doorbell has arrived in Italy: how much does it cost?

The previous ring video was released at the end of September last year as an evolution of the Torbel Pro 2, now Amazon Blink Video Door Hour Has finally arrived in Italy and is fully integrated with the existing Amazon ecosystem so it can be used 100% right now.

Some of the best features of the Blink doorbell, in fact, go from there Amazon cloud And require a monthly subscription. However, it is required for other functions Blink sync module, Many already have it at home because they have previously installed the Blink video surveillance system. In short, how easy it is to understand Amazon’s new smart doorbell Part of the ecosystem Very rich in devices and can be configured in detail to suit your needs. However, its main function is always the same: to show us even from a distance, Who knocked on our door.

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell & # 8211;  Smart door bell

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell – Smart Doorbell

Blink Video Doorbell Technical Features

Amazon’s Blink Video Doorbell is a Smart video intercom: Video camera fitted Full HD 1080pWith night vision a InfraredProximity sensor and two-way audio.

It is a wireless device (battery operated) and can be connected to existing intercom cables. It allows us Open the door through the app Amazon, after seeing who knocked on the door (again through the app).

L ‘Two way audio And this Live videoAs needed“The video doorbell must be connected to the blink sync module, not included in the package.

The USB stick can be stored and attached to the sync module Video recordings Carried out. Or, if you have an Amazon Cloud subscription, you can store them on servers and access them remotely through the app. On the other hand, there is no need to get anything Notices in use By Amazon.

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Of course, Blink Video is fully compatible with Doorbell Amazon AlexaAfter that, we can activate it with our voice or whenever we want, we can ask for a compatible smart display to show what the call bell is looking at.

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell & # 8211;  Smart door bell

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell – Smart Doorbell

Amazon Blink Video Blink Sync Module 2

Amazon Blink Video Blink Sync Module 2

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