Orange has chosen Nokia in Poland for its 5G network but also to update its old network

Orange will modernize its mobile network in Poland and will continue to aggressively roll out 5G. So the operator chose Nokia for a contract that runs until 2036.

Orange Network in Poland will take a big facelift thanks to Nokia. The Finnish equipment manufacturer has announced a ten-year extension of its contract with the operator and this new agreement will see the modernization of all existing networks.

Dismantling the third generation and updating the fourth generation

Nokia will provide the latest 5G equipment at all levels, for both small and large antennas, to cover highly populated areas but also to provide extended coverage, especially to less densely populated areas.

According to the Finnish, the agreement is intended to cover 50% of the Orange network in northern Poland and will last until 2036. In addition, the equipment manufacturer Orange will help to phase out the 3G network in Poland and develop a solution for it. To reallocate 3G frequencies to the fourth generation, as decided by the Polish telecom regulator.

As a reminder, Orange is already working with Nokia for 5G in France with a geographical division. Nokia antennas are used in the West and Southeast, regions where the equipment manufacturer was already present in 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

In addition, the two companies signed an agreement last October for the use of refurbished equipment in the network infrastructure.

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