Amazon blocks its sales account, an excess parcel merchant

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“Stricia la Noticia” by Ricardo Trombetta

Tells the story of a comic and gadget merchant whose sales account at e-Commerce was blocked


Following an error. Despite repeated attempts, the entrepreneur was unable to resolve the situation.

“We sell all over the world but due to a mistake


Some of the products listed on their e-commerce have been deemed counterfeit and all of our sales accounts have been blocked: this means that all collections made for several thousand euros over a period of time have not yet been transferred to us “.

Daniel Castellano

He described the situation in which he had been living for two months.

“The big problem – the seller added – is in the boxes because the bug is forced to collect all the items stored with them at our expense in a very short period of time. Even here we do not know where to put all the items.

The ambassador tried to ask

E-commerce company

Revealing that he cares about his sales partners, he apologized for this “rare case” and said he was ready to resolve the issue soon. In fact, a few minutes later, the seller made a breakthrough in the situation: “Thanks for the intervention

“Remove messages”

In 24 hours everything was settled, accounts and funds were opened and above all, no more parcel rain “.

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Veronica Tucker

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