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Bhopal: In an initiative to preserve illegality sellers Far from entering the building, the Rani Kamlabati Station launched the ease of payment via the QR code that appears on the teacups. Tea sellers have also turned to high-tech because they have collar cameras and walkie-talkies in their hands.
project head, Bansal TrailsAnd the Abu Asif a déclaré que l’objectif derrière le lancement de vendeurs de thé est de fournir de meilleurs services aux passagers. “Passengers have long been asking not to get healthy tea from vendors, and on several occasions they have been paid extra fees. Placing the QR code on the same cup of tea will alleviate these problems forever,” Asif said.
À propos du talkie-walkie, il a déclaré: «Cela aidera à connecter les vendeurs avec d’autres colporteurs errant à la gare. This will help them coordinate at the time of service delivery. Cela fera une grande différence car ils n’ont pas besoin de se crier dessus pour une quelconque coordination entre eux.
Vendors also receive white collar cameras. This will help record the conversation between the passenger and the seller. This will help to understand the type of passenger requests so that services can be improved in the future.
As a pilot project, 4 tea vendors were deployed at the station. “We will increase the number of suppliers according to the needs and their ability to stay in the station. We want to have more suppliers of this type because the services are for passengers. However, it all depends on the passengers. We will spread if they ask for it,” said Asif. The Rani station is being developed. Kamlabati (formerly Habibganj Station) on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in cooperation with Bansal Group. The project is being undertaken at an approximate cost of Rs 100 crore. En outre, Rs 350 crore seraient dépensés pour le développement commercial dans et autour de la gare qui sont en cours.


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