Amazon CEO: Jeff Bezos flies into space

Blue Origin Aerospace Company

Jeff Bezos wants to focus more on projects like his foundation and space company Blue Origin in the future.

In July 2021, Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO. But the billionaire has other projects through which he aspires to achieve high goals.

Jeff Bezos will step down from his duties at online retailer Amazon on July 5, 2021 – and then embark on a long-awaited adventure. Bezos wrote on June 7, 2021: “I’ve been dreaming of space travel since I was five years old. I’m going to take this flight with my brother on July 20.” Instagram. In a video, the 57-year-old reported on the planned trip with his company, Blue Origin. Bezos doesn’t just want to go on a trip with his family – he’s auctioning off a place to the highest bidder.

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Space tourism from 2.8 million dollars

Auction on .’s website blue origin It runs until June 12, 2021. The highest bid has already reached US$2.8 million (about €2.3 million). By the way, the money goes to the Blue Origin Foundation named future club. A few of them will likely have the change to spend more on the ten-minute flight. The flight should take the crew and passengers a little over 100 kilometers. Previously, these experiences were reserved for trained astronauts.

Blue Origin: Not a new project

Jeff Bezos started Blue Origin about 20 years ago. The last time the company tested a New Shepard rocket with an astronaut capsule was in April 2021 – albeit unmanned. The people weren’t aboard the New Shepard yet. By the way, Bezos is not the only billionaire who wants to take tourists into space. Richard Branson also wants to open up space for everyone through Virgin Galactic Holdings – provided they have the necessary assets. Branson has already completed test flights with humans in May 2021 and will then send a scientist into space, such as Reuters mentioned. By the way, he was the first space tourist Dennis Tito: From April 28 to May 6, 2001 he was on the International Space Station.
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