Dying Light: Hellraid, the zombie game DLC receives a story mode

Techland returns with a new update to Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC. In the program, a new story mode.

Released in August 2020, DLC Hellraid de Dying Light It offers players to face hordes of skeletons and other zombies using medieval weapons of all kinds.

As usual, Techland’s follow-up to the popular zombie game is perfect. The game gets richer with regular updates. This time the developers announced it Hellraid just got a story mode Unpublished. This one is called prisoner And we let you like the trailer:

So this new scenario invites you to explore the evil Baal temple and leads you to discover it new areas and to achieve it new challenges.

But this is not the only addition in this update. to New animation Based on New sound effects may have been performed. The The lights are improved تحسين To provide better quality. new weapons and one A new kind of enemy There will be too.

Techland doesn’t stop there since it announced that the DLC will expand further with New missions in future updates.

What is certain is that the studio knows how to keep its fans waiting while they wait for the arrival of Dying Light 2: Keep Human on December 7, 2021.

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