Amazon ditched “Grinse-Hitler” in its app slogan – Economy

Seattle – Back and forth with mobile phone logo! Amazon He has a new symbol for him Smart phone application Changed for the second time in a short period of time – after the user changed their mind about the new design Hitler’s mustache I felt reminded.

The largest online retailer in the world recently replaced the icon for an app that had a shopping cart for a long time. The new app logo is based on the Amazon package design with a curved arrow for a smile.

In addition, a blue strip of duct tape can be seen at the upper end – which is exactly what reminded some netizens in the first version of Adolf Hitler’s signature mustache.

As old as the phone receiver icon on a smartphone: The old Amazon logo reminds us of shopping in store – with a cart!Photo: Reuters

In the new app icon variant that was again changed, one corner of the duct tape is now twisted and the previously serrated bottom edge is straight.

Amazon made the changes before the global introduction of the new logo based on customer feedback in the first test markets. The company described the idea behind the new design on Wednesday: “We’ve designed the new app icon to stimulate anticipation, excitement and fun as customers begin their shopping tour on their mobile phone – just like they see our bouquets on their doors.”

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