How to win the 365 day journey by participating in the DIM Unica competition

For the fifth year in a row, DIM is the sole sponsor of the Italian Song Festival and one of the protagonists of the 71st edition of the singing event hosted by Amadeus.

The Sanremo Festival Offers not only fun, wonderful songs and great international guests, but also many gifts: Thank you DIM, The sole sponsor of the event, you can really win cars, smart TVs, smartphones, shopping vouchers, small appliances and more. An amazing ship around the world.

In this article we will explain how to participate Competition for the full duration of the festival, until March 6.

>>> Take part in the Tim Unica competition – Sanremo 2021

TIM takes you on a journey

DIM explains the evenings of the San Remo Festival A series of spot quizzes It offers its customers (fixed and mobile lines) the chance to win numerous prizes and extraordinary final super prizes every day: on a trip, in package, 365 days Travel around the world With the Costa Cruz, it is valid for four and will be completed in 10 years.

The name of the winner will be revealed on the final evening of the festival. His announcement will take place live on television shortly before the winner of Sunremo 2021.

How to play, what to win

Easy to play: Follow DIM commercials on TV during the five evenings of the festival and identify them “Magical” letters Featuring each video and interacting with them through a dedicated website, Then take part in the draw.

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There are instant and daily giftsEco-sustainability: From hybrid cars to organic food products.

The ship that treats the winner of the competition has a dream trip aboard the magnificent Costa Smeralda. Eco-friendly ship: The first part of the Navy powered by liquefied natural gas, the world’s cleanest fossil fuel.

Ads with Amadeus

DIM Classifieds in the Living Room of Ten Italian Families in Turin, Genoa, Rome, Pisa, Catania, Naples, Venice, Milan, San Remo and Castell del Monte Amadeus It looks like a modern The genius of magical devices, Appear to be having fun and dancing in the houses, in the notes of Mina’s song This is DIM.

The final evening of the festival, Saturday, March 6, will tell you about an amazing journey of 120 seconds: a precursor to the fantastic adventures that await the winner of the Super Final Prize.

>>> Take part in the competition

>>> Listen to the Sanremo playlist on Timmusic

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