American broadcaster: Kurtz checked his cell phone during Biden’s speech

A Voice of America reporter commented on Twitter: “It seems that the Austrian chancellor was not amused.”

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) appears to have been under special scrutiny Tuesday at the United Nations general debate in New York during US President Joe Biden’s speech. Patsy Widakoswara, Chief US Correspondentsender “Voice of America” ​​im Weißen Haus, twitterte am Nachmittag (Ortszeit): “During Biden’s speech, the Austrian chancellor seemed uninterested checking his phone, then started checking his UN General Assembly badge and afterwards broke his fingers. #UNGA76.”

Translate this to mean something like: “During Biden’s speech, it seems the Austrian chancellor wasn’t amused, he checked his mobile phone, then started checking his UNGA ID and broke his fingers. #UNGA76.”

In the local parliament, Kurz caused outrage several times by using cell phones while giving speeches. In February, SPÖ MP Josef Mucic shouted at him from the podium as he was typing on his smartphone on the government bench. Chancellor, please put your cell phone away? We’re talking about unemployed people. We’re talking about the economy that doesn’t know where the light is at the end of the tunnel – and you’re playing around with your mobile phone, according to the Hewitt newspaper.

(what or what)

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