Twitz comes with an unusual restart during Gamestop TV

You failed to pick up PlayStation 5 In Two Mediaworld Restocks? So tomorrow you will get one more chance, thanks to Gamestop, which will make an extraordinary restoration in the afternoon.

As happened last week For the Xbox Series X Hollow Infinite Limited Edition, When new Gamestop TV broadcast on Twitch There will be a drop PlayStation 5.

The live broadcast will begin on September 22 at 16:00. Leading the broadcast are the well-known streamer Kafkanya and Kobe. In this chapter Let’s celebrate the 20th anniversary ICO, One of the most popular games created by Fumito Ueda. The discussion will expand by dealing with other popular topics of the developer such as Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. Latest Deathloop release by Arcane Studios, And other previously published topics Team French.


During the episode, Both providers will announce the exact moment of purchase on the site Gamestop The PlayStation 5. This resume does not specify whether it will replace the regular morning hours that are usually available each day starting at 9:00 am.

We point that out as well Will be there soon too An Xbox Series X restart on the MediaWorld website This can be purchased at 15:00.

We remind you Subscribe to our telegram channel dedicated to offers Keep up to date on the best promotions and availability PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X. We did too A practical guide that can help you with purchasing.

Source: Gamestop

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