An anti-food waste game distributed to all schoolchildren in Limoges

With the five question cards and the other where you can write the answers in an erasable marker, this little game is fun, simple, colorful and above all full of good advice to avoid misuse of wasting food.

Children will discover Tips for finding out if a food or product is still edible Despite the expiration date (expiration date).

Does the product smell good, is it degraded, does the packaging burst when opened? The benefit is that you learn to throw the minimum amount of food.

Subject that touches children

But where the principle is interesting is that it is aimed at parents as well, with numerous recipes presented at the back of the cards, based on products with old DLC, or seemingly sad fruits.

Thus, you will learn recipes Delicious banana, cocoa and corn smoothies, parmesan buns, vegetable peel chips or traditional French breadTo avoid throwing hard bread in the trash can.

“The idea is that these messages also reach the parents because they are the ones who care and throw the most easily. Wasting food often comes into actions that the municipal children’s council suggests. A few years ago, the idea was to create a“ waste-free ”menu in the canteen. Chefs made The tuna burger, and yes, there was very little waste. ‘

Vincent Gallby (Deputy Mayor of Limoges)

In all schools

These games are published in 14,000 copies and will be published Distributed to all kindergarten and primary school children in the city in public and private institutions. Also in the social and educational groceries that collaborated to accomplish this work.

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The future project implemented by the Municipal Children’s Council will be revealed at the end of the next plenary session, chaired by the Mayor of Limoges, before the school holidays.

The game is downloadable Free On the Limoges website:

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