An introspective dive with the Gris video game

The Gray video game plunges us into a graphic and audio world worthy of the work of a true artist. © IPESAA

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Heart stroke The Gray video game is available to everyone It pushes us deep into the soul of a broken being, seeking to rebuild itself. An introspective dive adapts well to our time.

It is in the middle of an icy desert that a journey begins grey. The rocks on which the young woman was just standing collapsed, causing her to fall into a cliff. It is now evolving in a devastating world, a metaphor for its inner world.

Available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation and IOS devices grey It requires affordable skills, which makes it an attractive game for the seasoned gamer as well as the ideal beginner. The heroine is only able to run and jump at first, then develop other skills, such as turning into a stone block or the ability to blossom flowers while singing.

If it does not require Not sharp technical know-how, this gameplay relies on players’ ability to let go and guide themselves. Because except for the rare information about the effect of the keys, no information is presented. Thus, it is up to everyone to browse through these huge panels and discover what their paths lead on their own.

Thus, although it is centered around quest – reconstructing the inner world of the heroine – this game is above all narrative and contemplative. There are many puzzles to solve, search paths, and challenges to overcome, but no death is possible, and no performance to achieve it. This makes it a quiet play area, where you can spend some time getting lost. The desire to scan each chapter for a long time is fueled by the quality of the graphic and audio universe, and it is the work of a true artist.

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even if it was It will not solve our problems, an experiment grey Perhaps it can help you get through some painful times. Mourning, depression and loneliness. This is all this game deals with with this young woman’s character, who slowly diffuses her abilities, finds her voice, and drops colors. If some do not find themselves on this topic, then ignore it, because there is no need to share their grief. grey To estimate the trip. Nastasia Gineret

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