Park de Move has popularized a taste for virtual reality

They have traveled around the world

TheNew virtual reality technologies have entered the Parc des Mauves Residence. A small group of residents had already had a first experience of going, in June 2019, to a virtual room in Saran. On Friday, virtual reality entered the residence thanks to a system called the Panama Fund, which was developed for institutions such as nursing homes.

From the Louvre to the Champs Elysees across
Thailand …

The device, easy to use, allows from a tablet and a bluetooth connection, transportation, with a helmet, to the Louvre, to Mont Saint-Michel, on the banks of the Loire, or a walk on the Champs-Elysées … It is also possible to experience the sensations of a helicopter flight, parachute jump or So explore Reunion Island or Thailand in few minutes.

Thus, Monique had a hypothetical experience with a short visit to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. She appreciated the very specific homes’ style and these decorations made her relive a trip she took to Oslo, Norway, another Scandinavian country.

On the other hand, André took the circuit of Le Mans 24 Hours, where he once attended the legendary race.

The purpose of this activity is above all to provide residents, most of whom have easily adapted to technology, a moment of escape, fun and contemplation. A moment of immersion in the midst of a wonderful scene, all without the risk.

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