Android Auto for mobile is about to die forever

Android Auto is now official, and soon it will be gone. A message announcing the end of upcoming services is now displayed to users. Google wants to migrate the few remaining survivors to its Assistant, which supports similar functionality.

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We can see the thing happened for miles, it’s official now. Since this week, several users have reported seeing a notification in the Android Auto app. This is quite clear: “Android Auto for phone will stop working soon”. If it is displayed too large on the user’s screen, it will not provide more details. So it is impossible nowadays on what date you will utter the last sentence.

However, Google does not really surprise the users. Mountain View has been preventing users from downloading the app on Android 12 for several months. Even if we could install it on an old smartphone, it was very difficult to get it to work properly. We suspected then that this did not bode well for the latter.

Google announces the final end of Android Auto on smartphones

But as of last summer, the app is still running Android 11 and earlier. So it looks like that era is coming to an end. From now on, for relevant users and soon for the whole community, the above message appears at every start, even if one tries to get rid of it with a swipe. We can’t yet predict when this will stop working, but given that the notice has been there for about a week, we expect Google to make an announcement soon.

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Moreover, the manufacturer was not satisfied with warning its users in a hurry in this way. The latter published a press release confirming the end of support for Android Auto on smartphones. The statement is meant to be somewhat reassuring, as Google claims it The experience will not be completely gone. » The company states that the I/O conference was an opportunity to reveal a Main interface improvement. But it is clear that this relates to the version of cars.

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Moving from Android Auto to Google Assistant and Driving Mode?

“For those using the mobile experience (Android Auto mobile app), they will be transitioning to the Google Assistant driving mode which is our next evolution of the mobile driving experience. We don’t have more details to share at the moment.”, the company concludes. So we’ll have to be patient to learn more about the future of Google’s Driving Assistant. At the moment, no direct replacement is expected, unless you buy a brand new car that is directly equipped with Android Auto.

Despite everything, we can be optimistic about everyone else. Google Assistant and its driving mode have arrived on Android 12 smartphones and greatly improved the use of maps and the app’s general functions during car trips, such as media management. Referring to the press release, we can therefore expect a new focus on this solution, which could offer other possibilities in the near future.

However, this decision will not please everyone, except for the reasons listed above. “I can’t even tell you how pissed I was seeing that my phone was completely unusable for the whole trip. A member of the Android Auto subreddit raves.” I don’t understand why they decided to make this change. It’s really baffling because AA worked perfectly for its purpose.

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