Comparing the video remake with the original reveals some interesting differences –

ElAnalistaDeBits has released a new video comparing Resident Evil 4 remake PS5, Xbox Series X | With S and PC Original version, Based on a trailer released yesterday by Capcom on Sony’s State of Play. Obviously, for a complete and detailed comparison, it is necessary to wait for the introduction of the Makeover for current-gen operating systems, but henceforth video highlights are obvious (and discounted) improvements in the field of graphics and Interesting differences As for some stylistic choices and more.

We would like to clarify that the “original” version of Resident Evil 4 shown in the movie may have been one of the ports found on consoles and PCs in recent years. .

As for the graphic feature, the canopies and locations are enriched with many details. In particular we can expect redesigns of various parts, some, as we can see from the video, apparently a The layout has not changed Than the original.

ElAnalistaDeBits also notes that the early stages of the Resident Evil 4 remake will take place before dawn, and in the original it will be daylight. Also in this remake Lyon’s jacket is different and reminiscent of the alpha version of the game.

In addition, one can expect new unpublished footage of Leon talking to the US president before looking for Ashley, who has undergone significant restructuring. Following this point, another part of the State of Play announcement trailer will indicate that Resident Evil 4 is in its early stages. We will play Ashley In unedited order.

Before leaving, the remake of Resident Evil 4 PS5, Xbox Series X | Recall that available on S and PC. March 24, 2023. Capcom also operates on content designed for the PlayStation VR2 and Resident Evil Village port.

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