Android security updates, what they are and why they matter

Cybersecurity for The Google It matters and has always been a strong point of the OS Male in appearance. One of the features of the mobile operating system is that it is Open source: Developers can, including third parties Identify weaknesses or errors And report it to Google, which will immediately intervene to correct it on its own Security updates, Also called Security patch. Thus, updating Android periodically means protecting your device from security holes and errors, which is why it is important to know how to check whether or not the latest devices are installed, and if so, update the operating system.

Android: what are security updates

In the Android world, there are three primary types of security updates: Annual firmware updates, Which indicates the transition to a new version of the OS, also requires smaller updates patch he is Google Play system updates.

Updates allow you to increase device security and correct any bugs that can cause crashes or vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit for malicious purposes.

Every year Google releases an Big upgrade, Which allows you to switch to one New and improved version of android. However, this isn’t enough to fix bugs and security threats, which may still be there. Next, as the new version is being tested by developers, just in case Vulnerability Reports, Google releases small updates: Security patchAny small fixes for bugs found that help improve Android users’ experience.

Android security updates: why they should be done

Android security updateWhen installing a file Firmware update And we’re moving on to a new version of Android, as well as an introduction New features Then you get Improve safety For the device.

However, like all new icons released, there may be errors or glitches that can only be identified with the passage of time and the use of the operating system.

The Security patch Those that are released months or weeks later, especially after bug reports are discovered. So the advice is to always keep an eye out for new releases Security patch Waiting to launch Annual updates. This is because small updates specialize in resolving some Bugs and vulnerabilities That may expose the device to threats and malfunctions.

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Android How to check for security updates

Android security updateYour good use Android device It requires the installation of the latest available security update and every user can do so easily Check the latest version For your OS, the most recent patch Installed and if there are any new programs to download.

To do this, you need to open the application Settings On your Android smartphone or tablet, the access path differs slightly from device to device. Once in Settings, Scroll to the entry safety And tap Unlock Screen The security situation, Where the Android version installed on the device and the last update installed on the respective date are displayed.

Among the rumors there will be Google Play Protection, Which regularly scans apps and the device for threats and sends a notification if any security risks are identified. By choosing the component Security update A screen will open providing information about the most recent OS version you are using Security patch Installed and allows you to check for other updates by clicking the button Check for updates.

Finally, by clicking on Google Play system update, You will be able to view the most recent Update Always turn on and search for the latest by clicking on Check for updates. If there are no new updates to take, you can rest assured that the device is protected by Security patch the most recent. By checking periodically, your device will always be protected.

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