Nintendo Switch Pro, Nikki will confirm even the most powerful model – Nert 4. Life

Nintendo Switch Pro Will reappear, which is offered to practically some by the Japanese publication Nikki, One of the most credible sources on financial and economic problems in Japan, cited in one of its latest reports New version of the console Come.

Nike’s article is part of the news and rumors Hardware fix Nintendo console, so this may be the popular Nintendo Switch Pro.

In this case we are talking about an advanced model High graphics power, Or something like this: “Several sources have told us that they intend to expand production. The company is also expected to introduce an advanced model with better graphics quality, which should be the first Nintendo Switch add-on model to be introduced. Switch Lite., Which happened in September 2019”, V. As GC announced, Nikki is studying.

From Nike, “Nintendo has made a request Increase in production To various managers of the production chain. “According to Takashi Mochisuki of the Wall Street Journal, there is talk of reaching the approximately 30 million unit Nintendo Switch manufactured this fiscal year. In view of the above, the increase in production is the new developed model.

With regard to the increase in production and the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Pro (or so-called new model) all the information announced by Nikki is in every way consistent with the information he previously announced, Mochisuki points out.

Note on the possibility of a new Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen has been confirmed by Samsung, while other rumors are circulating about the possibility of using DLSS thanks to a new Nvidia SoC, but Nintendo continues to have no confirmation at this time Do not comment This information in the official form.

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