Announcing 3 new “Clash of Clans” games on mobile

The developers of Supercell have announced three new titles in the Clash of Clans universe.

Supercell, the Finnish development company behind the very popular mobile games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, has revealed three new productions. Each of these events takes place in the Clash universe and is still in an early stage of its development.

The first, Clash Quest, is a turn-based strategy and adventure game developed by the Helsinki subsidiary of Supercell. It will be necessary to build an army made up of familiar characters in the universe. These are unlockable by advancing in the game and allow you to participate in engagements where the placement of units will be of great importance. The developers promise a simple gameplay but with a certain depth.

The second, Clash Mini, is a virtual board game where we will play with figures of characters from the Clash universe. The Supercell Shanghai production will allow you to face other players in automatic battles. Once your pawns are arranged, the game will run on its own. This project aims to be accessible and strategic.

Finally, the last one, Clash Heroes, is still developing by the Shanghai team. This is an adventure and action game where you play as characters from this universe to fight real-time battles. It was developed on Unreal Engine, and it will be possible to control several characters with different abilities, single-player or in cooperation. A title that seems more ambitious and allows you to customize your experience.

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Supercell intends to develop and expand the world of Clash with the aim of introducing new experiences and attracting new audiences. These games are notorious for dropping plans, however, if things don’t go as planned, there is no guarantee that these three games will see the light of day. The developers indicate that projects may change based on players’ opinions.

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