“Many more things to say with autonomous stories and great expansions” – Nert 4.Life

In a recent interview with Forbes, the creative director of People Can Fly talked about the future Outer Riders. Considering the success of these hours, the future is increasingly happy. So, fans have nothing to worry about: People can fly “He has many more things.” There is a problem in figuring out how to distribute this content because the game does not have a game structure. But there is a solution to this, the group is already thinking “con” Complete stories and great extensions“.

Did you read the first posts of the final version of The Outlaws?

Bartech KimitaHe made it clear that, in fact, the future of the game depends on its success. This time leads to many technical issues, even servers that were inaccessible yesterday. But many are becoming interested in the game, and this means it will become a valuable project.

“We never said we’re out of the game. It’s true that the game is not a game as a service, but if people want it, we’ll definitely create more things in the Outer Riders universe. We have many more. Stories Many ideas to say and we want to experiment, but these do not apply to the original game. But we will be happy to create more content in the future. However, everything we do will be in the form of significant expansions with individual stories. “

This statement is consistent with what the team has said in the past, meaning that the Audiences are not based on a full game and DLC cut content.

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