Anpi condemns a site where fascist tools are sold, the Democratic Party: “Web page blocked”

Fascist propaganda knows no bounds in our country, especially on social media, where you can really find everything.
“The condemnation of Italy’s National Assembly of Supporters, which this morning reported on social media about the existence of a website to purchase fascist propaganda materials, is grave.
It is unacceptable to have websites or stores where you can easily buy this type of material. I will present a Parliamentary question to clarify. We are called upon to maintain interest in these issues.
For this reason, I hope that the proposed law of popular initiative launched by the Mayor of Sant’Ana de Stasima and which has collected tens of thousands of signatures in a short time will soon become, already exceeding the minimum required by the Constitution. State law.
Democratic Senator Eugenio Comenseni announced this in a statement.

out of stream

“Anpi condemns on social media the sale of things praising and memorializing the outbreak on internet sites.
I call on the competent authorities to implement the current legislation and to suspend such activities, which are clearly inconsistent with the laws of the state that prohibit advertising and dissemination of such material.
However, I think we must also work in Parliament to envision measures to make it more mandatory and effective. Facing apologies for fascism means defending democracy and the freedom of all.” This was stated by Andrea de Maria, Member of Parliament for the Democratic Party, Secretary of the Chamber.


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