Apave Épinal: Opening of the Thaon-les-Vosges . Training Center

April 28, 2022 By Jordane Rommevaux

Virtual reality training at Apave d’Épinal.

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As a leading and independent player in the management of technical, human and environmental risks, Apave Group opens its new training center in Epinal, in the Innova 3000 area in Thon-les-Vouses. On this occasion, the center opens its doors for an awareness day to prevent daily risks at work and presents its various training courses on Thursday, April 28.

With more than 360,000 trainees trained every year in about 170 training centers in France, the Apave Group, a leader in training related to health and safety at work, supports all economic players in their professional training policies. The specificity of this training center is the use of the professional skills of the trainers, for the benefit of the trainees because all the trainers practice, in parallel, a profession directly related to their teaching positions within the training activity.

For the official opening of its new training center in Thaon-les-Vosges, Apave emphasizes risk prevention at work, all day on Thursday, April 28. He gives a presentation on his training in virtual reality: “Put yourself in an electric place thanks to virtual reality helmets.”

Virtual reality is particularly suitable for risk management training: all situations and all occupational environments, sometimes dangerous, are repeatable without packing the slightest physical equipment and learning outcomes are measurable in each session, the trainer can adjust learning objectives in real time and focus on monitoring the learner before Transfer the trainees to the real environment.

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Another course is laid out in a playful way: the firetruck where you learn, in real conditions, how to put out a fire, and take the correct actions in the event of a fire. On board a 17-meter educational truck, featuring ultra-modern spaces entirely dedicated to fire safety and evacuation, you will be able to learn through practice and in real conditions the right gestures and appropriate reactions when faced with a fire: firefighting exercises, handling of fire extinguishers on real flames , evacuation in a state of deterioration (alarm, smoke rooms, etc.).

Apave offers a wide range of qualification courses, with work cases, throughout France thanks to its network of agencies:

  • Electrical authorization (to protect personnel required to work on or near electrical installations)
  • CACES® PEMP (to secure lift and handling)
  • Operators of automated installations and machines (to operate the line and how it works according to quality and safety standards)
  • Asbestos site operator (to manage asbestos risk prevention and compliance with regulations)
  • First aid worker (to deal with emergency cases from a health point of view)
  • Training CSE members in health, safety and working conditions (to measure occupational hazards and analyze working conditions)
  • Operation of boiler rooms (to avoid any fire or explosion hazard)
  • France Chimie Level 1 and Level 2 training (to train people on safety for offshore companies operating on chemical and industrial sites)
  • IRVE Qualification: For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Installers

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