The biggest monster in the game can spoil your game

This gigantic monster from the Elden Ring is not without risk to your game.

Elden Ring has many giant enemies

Not the missing volume monsters in FromSoftware games. Whether in the Bloodborne or Souls saga, many enemies have impressed players with their sheer size. The Elden ring is not missing either.

Whether they are “simple” enemies or formidable bosses, some opponents are overbearing. This often leads to epic battles. But there are also unfamiliar enemies, even larger than those that you can meet in the game. An enemy has awakened Elden Ring’s greatest enemy.

Elden Ring hides a dragon 86 meters long

We already told you about Zullie The Witch some time ago. The modr dissected the Elden Ring’s dribbling and jumping to conclude that the latter was more effective in certain situations. This time, the player wanted to awaken the most imposing sleeping monster that exists in FromSoftware. In this case, a huge dragon with a height of 86 meters and a length of 182 meters. The wings are spread up to 261 meters wide.

Thanks to the mod, players can see for themselves what happens when the dragon wakes up. You can even encounter it, although you have little chance of getting rid of it. But beware, this is not without risks. The game gets into trouble too quickly after the dragon wakes up, which can lead to a straight crash. If you don’t want to get into that, you can always watch everything on the video.

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