Apex Legends Mobile Soft launches in select countries

Respawn Entertainment announced the release of Apex Legends Mobile soft launch In some countries. Countries that will be able to pre-register for the test launch include Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

This comes after the closed beta testing of the Android version of the game in which some countries were allowed to participate. Among the countries included in the beta launch, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines were previously included in the closed beta as well.

Screenshots posted on the Google Play Store page for Apex Legends Mobile show the look of the game optimized for mobile. The screenshot shows an over-the-shoulder shot of Bangalore facing two enemies, raising the possibility that the game will turn into a third person on mobile for easier control.

We can now see the list of legends also available on mobile which includes Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, Octane and Wattson. Initially, there was a limited menu available and only World’s Edge would be playable.

Apex Legends Mobile playable list. | Presented by Respawn Entertainment

When will Apex Legends Mobile be launched?

There is a specific release date At this moment. However, the game was expected to be released between July and September 2022. This beta launch lends more credibility to this timeline, as the official launch usually follows a soft launch closely. This iteration of Apex Legends has been specifically developed for mobile devices, so it will not have interference with PC and console.

Meanwhile, Season 12 of Apex Legends: Defiance is set to launch on February 8, with a new Battle Pass, new cosmetics, and new legend.

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