Apex Legends Mobile will launch on May 17th

several years After listening for the first time That EA and Respawn Entertainment will bring the Battle Royale shooter to mobile platforms, there is a global release date for Apex Legends Mobile, which will be released on Android and iOS on May 17th. beta test game Started over a year ago It slowly expanded to include more players globally, but now its limited regional release period is over. If you are wondering what hardware it will work on, These instructions The beta contains more information.

EA isn’t ready to share more details, but beta testers were able to experience a game that is very similar to the experience players get on PC and consoles. at ex trailer Set to be launched regionally, you can see how the game has changed to play on mobile platforms and get to know the improved touch controls that are available.

Diverse legends, three-player teamwork, and card players will come to grips with the move to mobile – and of course, the game is still free to play. While the main game I just started Season 13 on Tuesday with a new championNewcastle, and other changes, and launch trailer to Apex Legends Mobile He reveals that he started his own career with the first season. The mobile version will also have some of its own features, including specific modes and social links.

Live service games like Apex Legends It now represents a large part of EA’s business; at Earnings report for this weekThe company revealed that this category represents a huge share of its revenue, with more than $4.998 billion over the past year. a Similar report From Activision Blizzard in February said so Call of Duty Mobile It represents over $1 billion in revenue for 2021, so you can see why this launch is so important.

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Apex Legends Mobile
Photo: EA

As part of preparing for the game’s release, the team is offering pre-registration bonuses based on the number of people who register, which users can unlock by entering their information for robot version or Details about his iOS version.

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