Google I/O: What to remember from the 2022 conference

Initially intended for developers, the Google I / O conference has gradually grown into a more global event, allowing the brand to present its new products. This year’s conference will be held from May 11-12, 2022 in Shoreline, USA, and will be broadcast live on You can also follow our dedicated program for this event at Our Twitch channel May 11 from 6:30 p.m.

New hardware and software features

A few days before the conference, rumors spread and soon the program of the event crystallized. Thus, Google I/O is supposed to make it possible to reveal new products like the long-awaited and heavily leaked Pixel Watch and the new Pixel 6A smartphone. It is also possible that wireless headphones will be offered in a professional version. On the software side, Sundar Pichai should announce Android 13, which will power the following smartphones by the end of the year. A copy of the operating system for foldable smartphones, Android 12 L, should also be formalized.

Google could also announce improvements to the Wear OS side, its software that grew out of a collaboration with Samsung. During this Google I/O conference, it would also make sense for the brand’s engineers to give their lead on the Android TV side, but also on services like Google Maps, Docs or the search engine. We’re also expecting new things with Google Stadia, the streaming gaming platform.

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