Apex Legends Season 9 – Nerd 4. + 737% Players After Life Announced

The new legend is coming Apex Legends Stage 9, Recently released, a new character called Valkyrie. The character is linked to the events of Respon’s first-person shooter Titanfall 2 set in the same story universe. After this announcement, players largely decided to take Titanfall 2 back in their hands (or play it for the first time). The result is a + 737% of players are on steam only.

On Steam, in fact, Titanfall 2 players average 2,000 people. However, this announcement has increased the number of active users, Wolverine reached 16,732 players simultaneously on stage. Obviously, console players should also be included, but we could not find the numbers.

Titanfall 2

Absolutely, the numbers recorded by Titanfall 2 these days do not seem huge, but We must not forget that we are talking about the 2016 game. The public, understandably, has largely abandoned it because the third episode does not seem likely, at least not in the short term.

Apparently We do not know how long this interest in Titanfall 2 will last. Some players may drop it after a few online games, while others may end the campaign, catch the story, and then move on without much thought.

At the very least, we know that Apex Legends is not everything: Respon operates on new intellectual property.

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