How can you speed up and improve your PC or MacBook by 100%?

Is Your PC or MacBook Slack? It might not be that small anymore, but you can improve its performance with a specialized program for cleaning up unwanted data.

When you’ve used a computer for years, whether it’s a Windows laptop or a MacBook, you want it to last as long as possible. However, it is evident that by using it on a daily basis, it appears much slower than it did on the first day. The causes could be multiple, and they could come from a hardware problem such as a hard drive reaching the end of its life. But before charging the components, or even moving to the “reinstall the system” step, which should not be taken lightly and that requires a full backup first, there might be simple solutions to bring slack into your PC, Like using a performance improvement programSecure your devices to protect them from malware that might be the cause, or connect to the Internet in an anonymous and 100% encrypted way.

You are probably not 100% using your computer or MacBook!

When you collect data and install applications, your PC or Mac drive can become cluttered with lots of junk files which limits available space and increases pressure on it. When you don’t have enough RAM to perform an operation, your system uses disk space as default memory. If you have limited disk space as well, it will inevitably slow down your tasks. Between downloads, archive files, web browser cache or even temporary files, there can be a lot of space occupied without you even realizing it. Many of the apps we installed months ago are taking up space for nothing, and can even run in the background without us even realizing it, especially through autorun agents. Finally, there may be cleaning and maintenance operations that you haven’t done for a long time.

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Boost and optimize your PC with Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup brings together tools to optimize your PC. On a PC, Avast Cleanup allows you to run automatic maintenance tasks: the program searches for invalid registry items and shortcuts, unwanted system files such as temporary files or logs that may accumulate, cleans the cache and archives of your web browsers, as well as a tracking cookie. To speed up your computer, you can search for unnecessary programs. These are basically two categories: apps that it hasn’t been launching in months, thus taking up space for nothing, and apps that Avast has found notoriously ill-reputed through information retrieved from the cloud. The Startup Management console displays all applications that run at Windows startup and in the background. You can preview the importance of slowing them down and putting them to sleep with one click. Finally, to detect and fix errors in your file system, several features allow you to scan and defragment the disk, which could also affect its performance.

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How to make sure your computer is not slowing down?

Other software can have a positive effect on your performance: security tools like an antivirus or a VPN. What can slow down your PC? Malware of course! A well-known method for cyber criminals is to install stealth software on computers that will use your computer’s resources to perform tasks such as displaying ads or sending spam. Then we talk about “computer zombie” or “botnet”. A comprehensive security solution like Avast Premium Security helps protect against these threats. Avast Premium Security monitors your computer with its protective shields: The programs you run and the files you download are scanned, and if harmful apps or behaviors are detected, they will be blocked automatically. With SecureLine VPN, you also have an unlimited way to fully encrypt your connections to websites.

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Currently, Avast gives you access to the full Avast Ultimate package for 3 months. Includes Avast Premium Security, the most complete version of Avast Antivirus, SecureLine VPN with no data volume restrictions, Avast Cleanup and Avast AntiTrack, an app that blurs your digital footprint in the eyes of tempting websites. Tracking to display targeted ads according to your browsing habits, or adjusting reservation prices according to the presence of cookies. Avast Ultimate is available for free during this three-month period and does not lead to any additional liabilities. For your safety and convenience, you can enjoy the Avast Ultimate package without entering any bank information, and no payment method will be charged. Secure and speed up your PC, as well as your Mac with the full Avast Ultimate package.

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