Apple admits that its webcams suck… and reinvent them in their own way

Craig Federighi lukewarmly admits that webcams on the Mac are insufficient, but offers a new system with the iPhone.

Link your iPhone to your MacBook to use it as a webcam // Source: Apple

MacBooks are not known for the quality of their webcam. In the long list of their attributes, this is not one of them and Apple seems to be fully aware of this, according to its new announcements at WWDC 2022.

iPhone as a webcam

In cooperation with Belkin, Apple launched support that allows the iPhone to be attached to the top of the MacBook screen for use as a webcam. The phone is recognized instantly and immediately replaces the poor quality computer sensor. It also improves the quality of the image, for example, the illumination of the subject and the darkening of the background, which gives the impression that we are using ring light.

But these AI improvements don’t stop there. With the iPhone’s wide angle, it becomes possible to broadcast the image perpendicular to the screen (you), as well as what is happening on the table where the computer is. Then, several algorithms take care of shooting all perspectives in real time to give the impression that a second camera is placed above the keyboard. A great achievement will certainly allow many interesting creations.

WWDC 2022 – # 8211;  June 6 _ Apple screenshot 1-31-17
One iPhone can take two photos at once // Source: Apple

The demonstration is rather impressive, but we have to see how it looks in everyday situations.

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